Gifting Tips

A gift is not just a gift but an embodiment of affection. Gifting is not just a gesture but a way to show your love to your loved ones. And we find a thousand excuses to show we care. Believe it or not, the festive gifting ritual in India is growing energetically and the market value is estimated to be at around a huge Rs.100crore.
And with each festive season, PRAKASH JEWELLERS exchanges gifts as a medium of good wishes and celebrations; and the list continues including eminent corporate as well, who is constantly on the look out for nothing but the best when it comes to gifting.
Some of the most common festivals where gifting has almost become ritual are Dussehra, Eid, Diwali and New Year. And undoubtedly these frolic seasons act as an effective means and boost for PRAKASH JEWELLERS to enhance their brand name and build a great rapport with their clients.
But, gifting is no easy pick and is harder than it sounds! One should give deep thoughts to the kind of gifts that should be distributed as you wouldn't want a gift to be of no use. It should be both practical as well as precious.
Apart from Dussehra, Eid and Diwali, Baisakhi is another festival which is a highlight in northern India. Accompanied with joy, dance and grand celebrations, Punjab's New Year Day, is a day when gifts are showered. To make the occasion even more auspicious, PRAKASH JEWELLERS brings a glittering range of kadas, Ek-Omkar lockets and to be given as gifts for the occasion.
Ramzan, means the "festival of breaking the holy fast". Ramzan is all about the general expression of benevolence and amity among all human beings. And it is a long cherished practice that on the day of Ramzan, elders surprise their young ones with gifts that would delight them and truly complete this day. Nothing can be as pleasantly surprising on this blissful event to see their eyes sparkle with gifts from PRAKASH JEWELLERS!!
To not miss an occasion, every year PRAKASH JEWELLERS introduces a wide range of Rakhis for the Raksha Bandhan Festival, as well.
At PRAKASH JEWELLERS we have a variety of gifts for every occasion. You can select from a wide range of pendants, rings, bangles, necklaces, bracelets, nose pins, men's collection, loose gemstones, meenakari jadtar, earrings in gold and diamonds and lot more. There is something for everyone at ours, for every occasion.