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We welcome you to "Temple of Gold, Gold you can Trust".

Every piece of jewellery has its own story – some mystical, some timeless, some new, each equally precious. All of which is an ode to the deity in every woman.

For over a century,Prakash Jewellers has offered prayer to the goddess through masterpieces - new and alluring in their beauty, old and unsurpassed in their brilliance. We dedicate ourselves to customised and exquisitely handcrafted jewellery, wrought from a deep understanding of the art of jewellery making, the art of keeping tradition alive and the art of embracing the new.

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Weight: 4 gms
A Beautiful Ring with great finish. It is a perfect for wedding and other functions.
Weight: 16 gms
Antique Ram Leela Bali Jumka
Weight: 40 gms
916 BIS Hallmark Antique Necklace studded with Ruby & Emerald . It is a perfect gift for your wife on your anniversary.
Designer Necklace Set
Weight: 42 gms
A Designer Necklace set to suit your sophisticated Lifestyle .